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“After years of searching, we have finally found the recipe to create the perfect Smorgasbord for the financially curious. With our highly capable team, we will be able to cover what matters most. Reading TFE will put your mind at ease, as you will feel right-informed. Our mission is to portray topics that matter and to give just the right amount of context for holistic comprehension and better decision making”.
Fredric Holmquist, Editor in Chief 

The Financial Eye provides the readers with a well-curated number of extremely relevant, selections of current news, as well as opinion pieces, thus giving the little edge required to stay ahead. 
Whilst covering all aspects of all things money and economics, TFE has a particular focus on decentralised finance, digital as well as cryptocurrencies and the emergence of alternative business models.
The Financial Eye focuses primarily on FinTech, an economy with Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Decentralized Finance and Trading. Of course, we also have solid reporting on Commodities, Shares, Politics, Lifestyle and the current invasion of Ukraine.